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Hamburger Patty Paper Sheets

Hamburger Patty Paper Sheets

Product description : Fulton dry wax paper sheets mainly used for burger interleaver. All of them have a great release feature, so it is very easy to remove it from meat. They are moisture resistant and grease, allow the complete transpiration of meat. It works perfectly in high production...

Product description:

The translucent squares of paper used by restaurants to separate hamburger patties have a lot to do with it. You can write on the paper, trace, and see creases when you fold it. It's a great way to explore Fulton from a hands-on, tactile approach. The perfect companion to paper folding books, these translucent squares of paper make fun math activities easier than ever. 

Why waxed patty paper - When it comes to paper folding, waxed paper is hard to write on and many other types of paper are impossible to see through. Perfect squares, easy to write on, and easy to see creases and traces on. In stock and ready to ship. 

Features: 1000/ 500/ 250/ 200 Sheets Per Box. Easy to see through and fold. Easy to write or trace on. Can be used as a supplement to your burger wrapping or even as a major course of study. 

Specs: Dimensions: 6''x6'' (15x15cm).





Waterproof ,Greaseproof and 60℃/140F heat resistance


White and Brown, bleached and unbleached


Small sheet 6''x6''


The gram and size can all be customized

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What's the paper used for?

1. Wrapping hamburger, hot dogs, sandwiches, fried chicken,other snacks,butter, cheese and other greasy foods;

2. Produced into cake cup/ paper bag.

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Common Quality Packaging:

Standard packaging



Our Advantages:

Question: Is this wax paper non toxic?

Answer: Hi, the wax paper squares are made of non toxic food grade and FDA compliant material 

Question: Can these be used in the oven like parchment paper?

Answer: never tried it,but I don't think so 

Question: where is this made?

Answer: China 

Question: Are the papers waxed on both sides?

Answer: Yes 

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