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Dry Wax Patty Paper With Hole

Dry Wax Patty Paper With Hole

Product description : Fulton dry wax paper sheets mainly used for burger interleaver. All of them have a great release feature, so it is very easy to remove it from meat. They are moisture resistant and grease, allow the complete transpiration of meat. It works perfectly in high production...

Product description:

Dry-wax and laminate-coating give patty paper strength and reliability for food-handling needs. Paper with pre-drilled hole for added convenience. For use in interleaving, storing and handling meats and cheeses.

Features: 1000/ 500/ 250/ 200 Sheets Per Box. Easy to see through and fold. Easy to write or trace on. Can be used as a supplement to your burger wrapping or even as a major course of study. 

Specs: Dimensions: 6''x6'' (15x15cm).





Waterproof ,Greaseproof and 60℃/140F heat resistance


White and Brown, bleached and unbleached


Small sheet 6''x6''


The gram and size can all be customized


What's the paper used for?

1. Wrapping hamburger, hot dogs, sandwiches, fried chicken,other snacks,butter, cheese and other greasy foods;

2. Produced into cake cup/ paper bag.

food wrapping.jpg

Common Quality Packaging:

Standard packaging



Our Advantages:

Q: Can this be used for gelli printing and mixed media?

A: Yes, it can works great.

Q: Can it be used in bake in the oven?

A: These papers are like to used in interleaver the patty.

Q: where is this made?

A: China.

Q: Are the papers waxed on both sides?

A: Yes, also can be one side.

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