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Kicthen Wax Paepr Roll

Kicthen Wax Paepr Roll

Product description : Fulton wax candy wrappers is a reusable food grade wax-coated roll for wrapping taffy caramels or other soft candy. An excellent choice for delis, sandwich shops, butchers, and candy shops, this paper is perfect for wrapping up foods for storage in a refrigerator, lining...

Product description:

After waxing, our papers for cheese wrapping can be either opaque or non-opaque. Fulton wax papers' key features are smoothness, controlled porosity and wet strength. Most importantly, these play a key role in the maturation process of the cheese and prolong shelf life.

To be in line with the specific maturation requirements, wax paper cheese wrap papers are wet strength-treated and can be laminated or waxed, on one or even two-sides. It all depends on the maturation process of the cheese, and if the product is portions, family sizes, white soft cheese etc.

In the end, there's no way to resist the temptation of a perfectly wrapped gourmet cheese.




Waterproof ,Greaseproof and 60℃/140F heat resistance


Bleached or Unbleached


Use soybean ink for print, 1-6 colors printed


Small roll, Sheet, 30*20m, 30m, 50m, etc.


The gram size and printing pattern can all be customized


What's the paper used for?

1. For soft cheese, mozzarella, feta and cheese portion wrappers;

2. Meat interleaver, patty paper.


Common Quality Packaging:

Standard pack

1 roll pack in a color box, then 24 rolls per carton

Customzied pack
Inner box, outer box, opp bag, display tray,etc.

Our Advantages:

1. Transparency or opacity options for various maturation, conservation and presentation need;

2. Wet strength for perfect product conservation in humid conditions.

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