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Fulton Tempura Oil-Absorbing Cooking Paper

Fulton Tempura Oil-Absorbing Cooking Paper

Oil abosrbing paper for cooking Easy to absorb oils in the soups, Healthy diet & Healthy life. Safety use Made with PP non-woven faric that matched food contact grade. Temperature resistance to 120℃. We have got the food contact grade certificates of China GB , Germany FGB and United Staties...

Oil abosrbing paper for cooking

absorbing paper 3.jpgoil absorbing paper.jpg


  • Size : 10.6" × 9.8"(27.0cm × 25.0cm), 50Sheets, customized 

  • Japanese Tempura Paper, Oil-Absorbing Cooking Paper

  • Made in China

  • Material : 100% Virgin Pulp

  • Made of a specially processed paper that absorbs oil very well.

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