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When Purchasing A Food Bag, You Must Pay Attention To The Following Sensory Standards
Mar 12, 2018

First, check the color. First do not buy the packaging printing fuzzy food; hand rubbing printed bags, found easy to bleach do not buy, because the packaging quality and materials are not good, there are insecurity.

Second, smell the smell. Found that food bags issued pungent and nausea taste do not buy.

Third, it is best to use white plastic bags to pack food, try not to use red and black plastic bags. Because the colored plastic bags may be the use of recycled materials, or the use of non-polluting natural materials and rough processing of production, easy to degenerate, mildew or contaminated, and then pollute the food.

Fourth, the purchase of enamel utensils to see the surface smooth and coated evenly or not, pay attention to whether the gap, gap, scale explosion, demineralized, burst point, crack, pan boiling marks, hole bubble and dew black phenomenon.