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What's The Paper For Baking Cake
Jun 29, 2018

The paper used for baking cake is called baking paper

There are three main baking papers on the market:

Oil proof paper (also known as baking paper, oven paper, steamer paper) the paper has no gloss on the paper surface. The main purpose is to roast bread, bake cake, and bake cookies under the food to keep the grill clean. The cupcake holder and the bag with KFC chicken wings are made from oilproof paper. Its function is to prevent oil at a certain time. It can also be used for steamed buns, steamed bread and so on. When used, it can be cut into small squares and placed under the steamed bread of steamed stuffed bun. The effect is very good, and the trouble of washing gauze is saved.

Semitransparent paper (a lot of sellers call it oil paper, also called greasy paper, glossy paper, wax paper, steamer paper), the surface of this paper has a super glossy surface, showing a bright gloss on the surface. Its usage is basically the same as that of oil proofing paper. The biggest difference is that it does not prevent oil and water repellency. On the market, because of the different weight, the thickness of different oil paper, the usual gram weight will have: 24 grams, 26 grams, 31 grams and so on, the lower the weight of the paper is thinner, the higher the weight of the paper thicker.

Silicone oil paper (roast paper, baking paper, silicon coated paper) is coated with food grade silicone oil on translucent paper or oilproof paper. The advantage of this kind of paper is that the degree of peel is particularly good, and the food is most difficult to stick to paper and is resistant to high temperature. The disadvantage is that the price is expensive.