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What's The Effect Of The Paper Used In The Oven?
Feb 15, 2018

The commonly used paper: oven tinfoil, greaseproof paper

Silver paper

To prevent the gravy, it is difficult to clean the grease in the oven, bake some meat and food in foil wrapped grilled roast will avoid the old, burnt.

When Roasted Vegetable, grilled fish, can foil packs to roast, 7 mature to foil off.

Open in the roast, this will evaporate some water vapour, the finished food will not lose the taste because of the water.

Oil proof paper

Its function is to prevent oil in a certain period of time. Can also be used for steamed Steamed Buns, when cut into a box, put in the Steamed Buns bun, the effect is very good, eliminating the trouble of washing gauze.

The paper has no glossy paper surface, which can be used for baking bread, baking cake and baking cookies under the food to keep the grill clean. The pouch of the cupcake and the KFC chicken wings are all made of oil proof paper.

The oven is a sealed electric appliance used for baking food or drying products. It is divided into household appliances and industrial ovens. Home ovens can be used to process some pasta. Such as bread, pizza, can also do small snacks such as cookies, egg tart. There are also some roasts to roast chicken. The food is usually scented. Industrial oven, for industrial use of a equipment used to dry products, electricity has gas, also called the oven, drying box and so on.