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What's The Difference Between A Tin Paper And A Barbecue Paper?
Jun 29, 2018

Tin paper has a very good heat transfer function, and the seal is very good, so we use more when barbecue, like roasted golden needle mushroom, roast leek and so on are very popular. Baked with tin foil can keep food in its original taste, and the sauce we add can make it even more delicious.

In addition, the tin paper also has a lot of effect. First, it helps us lock the water and keep the original taste. Secondly, it can prevent our meat from sticking together with the oven to play the role of isolation. In the end, we can add more material when we roast the meat, so that the whole oven will not be sprinkled. These sauces.

And the main ingredient is silicone oil, so it's silicon oil, so it's also called silicon oil paper. We can take the barbecue paper under the barbecue to prevent the scorching of the food. Notice that we can't use it for a long time when we use the barbecue paper. Generally, we have to change it with 2~3 times, because more use, the roast paper will change color, and it may stick a lot of our roast. So we have to replace barbecue paper frequently.

Barbecue paper can be used not only for barbecue, but also for our roast meat. On the other hand, when we make cakes or other pastries, we can use this kind of paper to keep it in isolation to prevent sticking together.

The role of barbecue and tin paper is different, so we can choose according to our own needs, or we can prepare these two kinds of paper for the time we need it.