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What Is Wax Paper
Jun 19, 2018

Wax paper and Baking paper, also called as parchment paper, show some difference between them when it comes to their usage and purpose. Although both wax paper and baking paper are used in baking and cooking they show difference between them in their making and nature. It is important to note that both kinds of paper are used as plate covers and also as wrappers of food materials. You will find that both the kinds of wrappers are suitable when it comes to storing in refrigerator.

Wax paper is also known as paraffin paper. Wax paper is also used in baking and cooking. Paraffin wax is used as coating for wax paper. Unlike baking paper, wax paper is less resistant to heat. As a result, using wax paper in an oven can cause smoke in the oven. It will also affect the taste. However, when it comes to microwaves, wax paper is used to cover dishes successfully. It is more suitable than plastic wrap, which melts, and aluminium foil, which is not safe for use in most of the microwaves.

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