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What Is The Impact Of The Carton Forming Process On The Cost
Feb 15, 2018

The process of carton molding is going to be done through printing, slotting, binding, binding and packing. With the improvement of the automation of the equipment, these processes have evolved into a process, such as printing, nail box (adhesion) and packaging online production line. Single machine production or online production, the process of carton forming in the process of every process will have an impact on the cost. In other words, the more the process, the higher the cost. The greater the volume of the product, the higher the automation of the equipment, the lower the cost of production, and vice versa. But in order, every single small number of cases using a single production cost is low, whereas high.

Analysis of the effect of carton molding process on cost

(assuming that all conditions meet the qualified quality, the price of the raw and auxiliary materials used is the lowest in the market).

Printing: the printing concentration of the ink, the thickness of the Jimo layer is proportional to the cost. In the printing process, the cost is affected by the size of the layout, the density of the graph and the text, the actual bottom, and even the thickness of the lines and lines. In addition, the printing speed is also one of the key factors that affect the cost of carton, and the cost of high efficiency per unit time is low.

Slotting: in general, the slotting process has little effect on the cost. Cutting and trimming carton tied, and the slot gap width will affect the cost. It depends on the precision of equipment, precision equipment, five layer carton tongue can be reduced to 3.5cm, three layer carton tongue can be reduced to 2.5cm; trimming can also be reduced to 0.2cm ~ 0.3cm; slot width can be reduced to 0.5cm.

Nail box (Nian He): carton, single or double nail from the nail nails, nail box tape thickness, coating amount of binder, and efficiency will affect the cost.

Packing: the cobbale, binding, and efficiency of the bundling are affected by the cost of the carton.