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What Is The Cause Of The Compound Bag Wrinkles?
Mar 12, 2018

Composite bags of good products show horizontal wrinkles, especially the two ends of the reel often show. This kind of wrinkles is flattened with one kind of substrate, and the other kind of protrusions constitute the authentic majority.

Material on

1), the initial viscosity of the adhesive is lacking,

2), the substrate surface tension is lacking


1), two kinds of base film unwinding tension is not suited, one is too big, one is too small, such as BOPP / AL compound, such as BOPP tension is too large, drying tunnel heating, elongated, AL tension is not big, Combined with a small elongation, composite, BOPP cooling caused by shortening of aluminum foil, horizontal showing a one of the authentic,

2), lack of glue, uneven, resulting in poor adhesion, resulting in some local wrinkles,

3), the winding tension is too small, the volume is not tight, the composite after the relaxation of the scene, to shorten the supply of shortened substrate may be, if the winding tension, crushing compaction, immediately after the machine sent to the curing room Curing, even if the process is not suited to some, it will not show wrinkles,

4), the oven temperature is too low and not ventilation, the residual solvent too much dry dry adhesive, lack of initial viscosity, to the two base film transfer to each other may be.