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Vacuum Food Bag Packaging Exists Meaning
Aug 09, 2017

Food vacuum bags do give us a convenient life, but this time the convenience has brought long-term harm. Food vacuum bag packaging recycling value is low, in the course of the use of scattered in the city streets, tourist areas, water bodies, roads and railways on both sides of the "visual pollution" pollution, it is also a potential hazard. Plastic structure is stable, difficult to be natural microbial degradation, in the natural environment for a long time without separation. This means that waste plastic waste, if not recycled, will become a permanent pollutant in the environment and continue to accumulate, will cause great harm to the environment.

Food packaging bags refers to the direct contact with food, for the packaging and protection of food film containers, should use food-grade plastic film for production, generally more than two layers of composite packaging bags.

Food packaging bags according to their application can be divided into: ordinary food packaging bags, vacuum food bags, inflatable food packaging bags, boiled food bags, cooking food bags and functional food bags.