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Vacuum Effect Is The Key To Vacuum Packaging Bags
Mar 12, 2018

First, the quality of food packaging vacuum bag is very important

For food production and sales enterprises, unqualified food vacuum bags can not play a role in protecting food safety and health is not conducive to food storage and transportation, at the same time, unqualified food vacuum bags will be on food color, And other quality impact, is not conducive to food marketing. For ordinary consumers, unqualified food vacuum bags will produce toxic substances contaminated food, causing damage to the health of the user. Therefore, the quality of food bags, but the quality of harm is very large, in the production process, vacuum bag manufacturers should be strict quality control, improve the quality of food vacuum bags.

Second, what food is suitable for food vacuum bags

Not every kind of food is suitable for packaging with food vacuum packaging bags, some fresh food and bulk food, there is no need to use a vacuum bag to wrap, only to carry, packaging function on it.

Food vacuum packaging bags for those who at room temperature, atmospheric pressure easily rotten, deterioration of food, such as meat, as well as pickles and other food, liquid milk is also the need for vacuum preservation, these are the need to use food vacuum packaging bags to store Of food.

Vacuum bags can also be packaged in non-food products, such as electronic products, and such products do not need bags have a health level.