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The Use Of Wrapping Paper
Aug 09, 2017

Mainly used for packaging purposes of a class of paper collectively. Usually with high strength and toughness, can withstand pressure, folding, quality requirements than the culture of printing paper and other paper is simple. Many of its sub-types of paper, each with different nature and use. For example: paper for food packaging also requires hygienic, sterile, non-polluting impurities. Electronics, cosmetic, food, beverage and other industries on the demand for wrapping paper staggering.

General: Packaging and paperboard for general packaging functions, usually made of cartons, partitions, paper bags and cartons, paper bag paper, kraft paper, kraft paper, striped kraft paper, kraft paperboard, backing paper, paperboard, corrugated paper , Honeycomb cardboard and so on.

Special: for a variety of environments with special features of the packaging paper, anti-oil packaging paper, moisture-proof packaging paper, rust-proof paper.

Food: food, beverages and other fields "packaged" with the packaging paper, food parchment, candy packaging base paper.

Merchandise printing: a lining and the core layer, the surface layer with filler and the plastic sheet of paper printed on the trademark after the carton and other packaging for the use of paper. There are white paper, white cardboard and so on.