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The Time Of Paper Package
May 23, 2018

  With the increasing awareness of environmental protection of people, the demand for packaging is getting higher and higher, and the packaging of recycled materials as raw materials is increasingly welcomed by people. The United States 100% recycled paperboard union did a market survey. The survey results showed that more than half of the consumers think highly of  products using recycled cardboard packaging. In the same situation, it is also more willing to purchase household consumer goods packaged in recycled cardboard.  

  Consumers hope to have more paper packaging using recycled paperboard, and have more packaging with 100% recycled symbols. 85% of consumers believe that the use of recycled packaging materials is beneficial to the children's future. 80% of consumers believe that buying 100% recycled cardboard packaging products contributes to environmental protection. Consumers evaluated the use of 100% recycled cardboard as relatively high and thought that companies using recycled cardboard have a sense of environmental responsibility. In terms of product quality, attractiveness, and performance contrast, a majority of consumers believe that there is no difference in quality between using recycled cardboard and using new cardboard. Even the former is better, and the product appeal is not much different.