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The Origin Of Paper
Mar 12, 2018

Paper is one of the four ancient inventions of ancient science and technology, together with the compass, gunpowder, printing, to the prosperity of ancient Chinese culture to provide the basis of material technology. The invention of paper ended the history of ancient bamboo slips, greatly promoted the spread and development of culture. In ancient times, ancestors mainly rely on knot rope Chronicle, later gradually invented the text, began to use the bones as a writing material. And later discovered and used bamboo and wood chips (ie bamboo slips) and silk as a writing material. But because the silk is too expensive, bamboo is too heavy, so it led to the invention of paper. According to research, the country has begun the production of the Western Han Dynasty. 1957 Shaanxi Provincial Museum in the eastern outskirts of Xi'an Baqiao near a tomb of the Western Han Dynasty, unearthed a group called "Baqiao paper" kind, its production time when not later than the Western Han Dynasty Emperor. And then in Xinjiang's Luo Naoer and Gansu Juyan and other places have unearthed the Han Dynasty paper fragments, the age of the Eastern Han Dynasty to the beginning of the Eastern Han Dynasty eunuch Cai Lun made the paper as early as 150 to 200 years. But I should also see the invention of paper is very early, but the beginning has not been widely used, government documents are still used bamboo slips, silk to write to the emperor, the East Lai Zuo Bo and the previous paper The improvement has further improved the quality of the paper. Made paper white, delicate, soft, uniform, bright color, paper is particularly good, the world called "Zuo Bo paper" which especially in the five-color flower paper, senior letter paper for the.