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The Market Trend Of Cushioning Packaging Materials Is The Trend Of Environmental Protection
Feb 15, 2018

As long as the cushion packaging material refers to the contents of slow shock and vibration, and protection against certain protective measures taken by the damaged packaging, mainly applicable to the transportation, storage, stacking and handling process. Cushioning packaging materials now the market popular as long as the foam cushion packaging, paper cushion packaging and some new packaging materials.

With the development of network technology, online shopping has become a new fashion of life. But during the express delivery process, products inevitably suffer from varying degrees of damage, which requires cushioning packaging materials to help. Now many fragile items are packed with foamed plastic as a cushioning packaging material. Because the foam plastic is cheap and easy to use. But this will bring serious environmental problems, which do not conform to the requirements of the development of ecological economy. So we need to regulate the circulation and use of logistics cushioning packaging materials. At the same time, it is also necessary to increase the research and development that can replace the buffer material.

At present, the market has been the emergence of more environmentally friendly alternatives such as polypropylene foam, honeycomb paperboard and pulp molding products, recycling mechanism should be set up this kind of packaging materials, such as increasing the recovery of kinds of cushioning packaging materials in the recycling, the environmental protection material to be vigorously promoted. At the same time, it is forbidden to use foamed plastic and set up a phone call in the relevant departments to minimize the white pollution.

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