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The Characteristics Of The Self-styled Bag
Mar 12, 2018

Preservation: fresh fruits and vegetables, to prevent dry, lock delicious. Frozen: cold thawing, to ensure fresh, to prevent the string of taste. Storage: home travel, easy to carry, easy storage. Moisture: dry goods storage, moisture and moisture, isolated odor. Category: sorting, easy storage, clean.

Zifeng bag can be used to cold, and the effect is very good, the following Furui plastic specific to tell you about the effect of self-styled bags cold. Because the skin surface or subcutaneous bleeding, with a bag filled with ice deposited in the bleeding, can help coagulation. Based on the characteristics of self-sealing bag, it is sealed with self-styled bag, wrapped in towel, and placed in the center of stockings or scarves, knotted at both ends, and is made into "simple ice bag". Can be used for treatment: nosebleeds, traumatic bleeding, first aid and so very effective.