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The Advantage Of Baking Paper
Apr 18, 2018

Baking paper is a paper product coated with silicone oil on the oil-proof paper. Following the food hygiene standards strictly, 100% pure pulp, no fluorescence agent, no pollution, no secondary pollution in environmental protection, non-stick, moisture-proof, Waterproof, grease proof, can be steamed, roasted, high temperature resistant, reusable several times, etc., used to bake bread, cakes, moon cakes, biscuits in the oven. The new baking tray paper produced by our company can be opened and can be used as a small roll for supermarkets.


* Disadvantages of not using baking tray paper:


1, Must be greased on the baking sheet, the finished baking product is easy cracking, the bottom is easily scorched;

2. If baking pan cloth or rubber is used, it is not clean, not beautiful and not environment friendly.

3, Cleaning the bakeware and baking sheet cloth cost time, human and material resources, financial resources (labor costs, washing supplies, etc.)


* The advantages of using baking tray paper:


1, As long as the silicone paper is placed on a baking sheet, do not have to wipe the oil, ,directly into the oven to bake after the dough on paper, the finished product is easy to get up, the bottom is smooth, clean, no damage, no burned.

2, Can be used multiple times, no cleaning, baking bread can be used repeatedly 15-20 times, baking moon cake can be reused 6-8 times, saving oil money, but also eliminates the human material resources of cleaning , greatly improving work efficiency.  At the same time, it is more environment friendly and healthier.

3. The cost of baking paper used on one kilogram of moon cakes is only about $0.00079-0.001 , which is far lower than the cost of cleaning the baking mat and grease.

4, East operation and save human resource. If it is the peak time of cake production, it is not necessary to recruit a large number of temporary workers as usual. It will not comes up many unnecessary troubles, such as unskillful work, great loss, management difficulties etc.