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Specification And Use Of Gray Board Paper
Mar 12, 2018

The gray paper is approximately 787mm * 1092mm in size, 850 * 1168mm in size, or other specifications or webs as specified in the contract. White paper as a result of relatively uniform fiber structure, the surface layer with filler and the composition of the compound, and the surface coated with a certain coating, and after multi-roll calendering, so the cardboard texture is relatively tight, the thickness is relatively uniform, the paper in general The case is more white and smooth, with a more uniform ink absorption, surface powder and hair loss phenomenon is less, paper is more tough and has a good folding, but its high water content, generally in 10 % Or so, there is a certain degree of flexibility, which will bring a certain impact on the printing. White paper and coated paper, offset paper, letterpress paper is the difference between the paper grams of heavy, relatively thick paper.

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