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Safety Hazard Types And Hazardous Factors Of Frozen Food Packaging
Mar 12, 2018

1, plastic packaging and its hazards

Plastic products with light weight, easy transportation, chemical stability, easy production and many other advantages, in the use of frozen food packaging bags is very extensive. By adding a certain amount of antioxidants, preservatives and other auxiliary polymer materials in the plastic, the food has a very good protective effect. But the plastic packaging surface is easy due to friction adsorption of dust impurities caused by food contamination, plastic packaging in the polymerization of ethylene, ethylbenzene and other free monomers with the contact time to increase the risk of food migration, resulting in food contamination. Plastic packaging products to add the stabilizer, plasticizer with carcinogenic and teratogenic, extensive use of plastic packaging to increase the late recycling pressure, pollution of the environment.


Safety Hazard Types And Hazardous Factors Of Frozen Food Packaging Safety Hazard Types And Hazardous Factors Of Frozen Food Packaging

2, paper packaging and its hazards

In recent years, paper packaging has been widely used in frozen food packaging bags because of its advantages such as bags, boxes or cans, boxes and the like. However, most of the raw materials for paper packaging originate from the recycling of paper or paperboard, and their bacteria, chemical residues and some impurities are often attached to the paper packaging produced, increasing the risk of paper packaging contaminated food. In addition, most of the paper packaging used in the brightener, fluorescent chemicals are food potential sources of pollution.

3, glass containers and their hazards

With the diversification of packaging, personalized demand, a lot of glass made of raw materials for glass containers are widely used in frozen food bags, in order to increase the gloss of glass containers, manufacturers often add arsenic, Antimony, etc. as a clarifier, and even increase the lead element. In addition, various color glass containers are also used for refrigerated food packaging containers, food placed in which it is susceptible to glass dissolution of silica and other substances contaminated.

On the other hand, more and more metals, ceramics, rubber monomers, etc. as packaging or liner, sealing materials are applied to frozen food bags, if not properly disposed of potential hazards.

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