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Performance Of Aluminum Foil Chapter 2
Jun 11, 2018

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Third, corrosion resistance


An oxide film is naturally formed on the surface of the aluminum foil which can further prevent the oxidation from continuing. Therefore, when the contents of the package are highly acidic or alkaline, the surface of the aluminum foil is often coated with a protective coating or PE to improve the corrosion resistance.


Fourth, heat, low temperature resistance


The high-temperature and low-temperature state of aluminum foil is stable. It is not easy to shrink and deform at temperature of -73 to 371°C. At the same time, it has good thermal conductivity, and its thermal conductivity can reach 55%. Therefore, it can be used for high-temperature cooking or other thermal processing, also for frozen packaging.


Fifth, shading


Aluminum foil has good shading, its light reflectance can be as high as 95%, while the appearance of a silver-white metallic luster. The surface printing decoration can show a good packaging and decorating effect, so aluminum foil is also a high-grade packaging materials.