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Jul 12, 2018

Both of these types of packaging have their own individual benefits, making them ideal for their intended purpose but which one do you need? Both are robust and suitable for use with food products and both have a coating that prevents grease and moisture from seeping through.

The main difference between these types of packaging is that waxed paper sheet allow products to breathe, brilliant for preventing cheese or cold meat from sweating. PE paper is also better suited for wrapping hot, greasy food or being used as a placemat or tray liner in fast food restaurants.

Whether you need PE, Wax or even greaseproof paper, it is important that you buy the best possible quality for your products.

If you’re still not entirely sure on the type of material you need or you’d like to discuss your options then leave us a message here.Our experienced staff are here to help you get a satisfied product.

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