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Pay Attention To The Use Of Food Bags Will Be More Environmentally Friendly
Aug 09, 2017

At present, people on the plastic food bags always have this or that concern, and even some people think that plastic "toxic", with plastic food bags in full bloom food is unsanitary and more unhealthy, great harm to the human body. But the industry experts believe that: plastic food bags can be assured to use, but do not use colored plastic bags of food.

According to reports, currently used for packaging food plastic polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester, polystyrene, etc., its health performance is qualified for food packaging is safe. But consumers can not distinguish between food and non-food plastic food bags, so a considerable part of the unqualified plastic bags are used for food packaging, seriously endangering people's health.

Special experts to remind, with plastic bags packed cooked food, snacks and other direct consumption of food, it is best not to use colored plastic bags. Because for the plastic bag dyeing pigment permeability and volatile strong, in case of oil, when the heat prone to seepage. If it is organic dyes, which will contain aromatic hydrocarbons, have a certain impact on health. In addition, many non-ferrous plastic bags are made of recycled plastic, due to more impurities in the recycling of plastic, manufacturers have to add a pigment to cover them. But some of the recycled plastic as raw material of the plastic bag is also white.

Experts also pointed out that there is no particularly effective way to distinguish between plastic food bags, but one thing is certain, non-regular manufacturers, in the street stalls selling plastic bags do not use for food packaging. In addition, plastic bags if there is a special smell, can not be used to install food. Although the plastic food bag is safe, but also in the use of attention to methods. Do not use plastic bags for long periods of high temperature food.

In daily life, people often see someone with plastic bags filled with steamed fried cake, fried dough sticks, etc., if a short period of time to eat, not too much harm, but a long time to overheat food cover in the bag, will So that some of the material in the plastic oozing and affect health. Microwave food heating, it is best to use microwave for plastic bags and special containers. Fridge in the frozen, frozen food application of plastic wrap, rather than ordinary plastic food bags instead. Cling film special process and raw materials have a good breathable and fresh performance, and ordinary plastic bags to use a little longer, it will make food deterioration, rot, fail to achieve the purpose of preservation.