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Patty Burger Wax Paper Interleaver Sheet
Aug 23, 2018

wax interleaver sheet.jpghamburger patty paper.jpg

Fulton burger wax interleaver sheet is the ultimate butcher paper for your kitchen or meat processing. These are just the right size and 2 sides wax coated. It's optimum for separating raw patties for refrigeration or freezing. They are also used for cooked patties to keep them separated, neat, and ready to serve. Preserves delicious juices when stacking cooked patties.

500 sheets in color box designed for manual use. The open top is cut just right so it's very easy to quickly pull single papers or multiple papers with the flick of a wrist. This speeds up your work with better, neater results. These are traditional sized papers at a perfectly 6" x 6". This compact box fits well on a counter, in the cupboard, or pantry.

These patty papers are approved by the FDA and FCS. You know they are food grade safe for all kinds of use including homes, restaurants, supermarket meat departments, butcher shops, hamburger restaurants and much more.

Many people love these papers so much they return to buy a second and third box. Great for kitchen or backyard BBQ grill.