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Paper Packaging Has Changed The Milk Industry
Aug 03, 2018

1997-2007 is the "golden decade" of the milk industry. The whole industry in China showed an "explosive" growth. The data show that the growth of per capita liquid milk consumption in China has increased from less than 2KG in 1997 to 17.7KG in 2016, which has increased nearly nine times in 20 years. It can be said that the rapid development of the milk industry, not only because of the continuous improvement of the living standards of our people, but also the market demand space brought about by the upgrading of consumption. The promotion of liquid paper packaging represented by Lile has contributed to the promotion of local liquid paper packaging in China. The industry has seen the development trend of “Hundred Flowers Blossom”, a large number of domestic liquid paper packaging excellent enterprises such as Limei Packaging, Shandong Bihai, Shanghai Pulisheng, Yuxi Innovation and Xiamen Yingyu.

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