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No Longer Use Plastic
Apr 08, 2018

British chain supermarket Iceland became the first major retailer in the country to promise to remove plastic packaging for all its own branded products within five years, helping to end plastic contamination.


Icelandic supermarkets said that plastics will be replaced by paper, pulp trays and paper bags. These alternatives can be recycled through domestic garbage collection facilities or in-store recycling facilities.


It is reported that the supermarket has removed all the disposable plastic straws attached to its own branded products. The new foods listedusing paper  instead of food plastic traysat the beginning of 2018.


Last week, British Prime Minister Teresa May promised to eliminate all avoidable plastic waste within 25 years.


John Shuven, head of the Greenpeace UK Region, said: "Last month, former heads of several large UK retail groups issued a joint statement saying that there is only one solution to the problem of plastic pollution. That is, retailers use more. Sustainable alternatives, such as recycled paper, steel, and aluminum, completely replace plastics."


He pointed out: "Now Iceland has accepted this challenge and boldly promised that it will no longer use plastic within five years. Now other retailers and food producers should also face this challenge."