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Material Analysis Of Moon Cake Packaging Bag
Mar 12, 2018

Usually on the market of moon cake packaging with polyethylene plastic bags, cartons, shallow tray wrapped, painted cellophane and other packaging. Carton packaging internal liner plastic film. There are also used cellophane and polypropylene polypropylene composite materials, which also has two kinds of substrate strengths, good wear resistance, excellent moisture resistance, and improve the flexibility at low temperatures, easy storage and transportation. PVDC high barrier coating film is widely used in direct touch packaging of moon cakes.

First, the plastic tray, used to fix the moon cake, shock absorption, reduce the moon cake in the storage and transportation process of mechanical damage, while the moon cake moisture barrier bag separated. PET hard PVC.

Second, is a soft plastic wrapping bags, used to adhere to the moon cake flavor and quality, to avoid the moon cake oxidation deterioration. The main information is: PT, PVDC composite material or BOPP film, heat sealing, not easy to print, attributable to non-polar information needs prepress processing is more messy. Should be less damage to the ink.

Third, is optional, cartons with a beautiful, convenient transport stacking, shading effect. Carton can print the characteristics of the goods, related information and other content to attract consumers. Information mainly for the composite paper, lined with PE, PT / PE, BOPP, moisture-proof effect, to plan for the same shape, high recovery rate, environmental protection.

Fourth, optional some, outside the box, compact and generous, suitable for friends and relatives. But the simple formation of spoil and excessive packaging of doubt. In recent years, moon cake packaging is too luxurious, the price is too expensive, and even the value of the box is far greater than the value of the moon cake scene, spoil occurred. The main information is: corrugated, cloth, composite plastic and so on.