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Market Of Grease Proof Paper
Apr 26, 2018

The scale of the global grease proof paper market in 2016 is 540 million dollars, and it will reach 840 million dollars by 2022. The annual growth rate from 2016 to 2022 will be 7.58%. Global grease proof paper sold 330,000 tons in 2016.


At the regional aspect, Europe is the largest consumer market for grease proof paper, followed by the United States. This is entirely due to the norms of the national system, especially in the Nordic countries. At present, China's sales of grease-proof papers are only 6.8 million tons, “the market prospect is broad.” With improvement of people’s health awareness, it is believed that China has great development prospects at high-end grease proof paper market.


The market for the entire grease-proof paper industry is very fragmented. The main reason is that the production barriers are not very high and some developing countries do not pay much attention to the development of this industry, their health awareness is weak. Therefore, the supervision is not very strict and many small-scale enterprises came out. The quality is also uneven. However, the Nordic countries have taken the lead in the world in this industry and the standardized market has created a well-known brand. Major players in this market include Nordic Paper, Krpa Paper, Delfortgroup, Vicat Group and a number of European and American companies. In the future, the global market laws will be greatly changed with the degree of importance that countries attach to the industry.


In terms of downstream users, pastry shops, Western-style fast food restaurants, McDonald's, KFC, Pizza Hut, etc are all large users of grease proof paper. The popularity of home delivery services has also accelerated the development of the market. The number of home purchases is also increasing. Nowadays, many families can bake food or barbecue at home and use oily products, which stimulates further the growth of the market.