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Green Food Bag Packaging Standard
Aug 09, 2017

In the AA grade green food, any chemical synthesis of pesticide residues shall not be detected; in the A-level green food, allowed to limit the use of chemical synthesis of pesticide residues only for national or international common food 1/2, other disabled chemical The residues of synthetic pesticides shall not be detected. The standard technical requirements include raw material requirements, sensory requirements, physical and chemical requirements, microbiology requirements and other four aspects.

Food packaging is in order to protect the product in the process of food circulation, easy storage and transportation, and promote sales according to certain technical methods used containers, materials and auxiliary materials in general. The basic requirement is to have a longer shelf life (shelf life), does not bring secondary pollution, less loss of the original nutrition and flavor, low cost, storage and transportation convenience, safety, can stimulate consumer appetite. Green food packaging in addition to meet the basic requirements of food packaging, but also should meet the "green food logo design standards manual" requirements, the green food logo for the product inside and outside packaging. Standard graphics, fonts, graphics and fonts of the standard combination, standard color, advertising language and for food packaging of the standard graphics, number specifications, should meet the "manual" stringent requirements. The packaging label must be marked with the name of the food, the ingredients list, the net content and the solids content, the name and address of the manufacturer and distributor, the date stamp and storage guide, the quality (quality) grade, the product standard number and other special markings.