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Greaseproof Paper For Bag-Making
Nov 27, 2017

Greaseproof Paper for Bag-Making

Our  greaseproof and barrier papers are suitable for converting to bags for a wide range of food packaging applications. Bags made of  paper are suitable for packaging food containing fat and moisture. A great feature of greaseproof paper compared to other packaging materials is its air permeability allowing the food to breathe and thus preventing a rapid loss of flavor and visual appeal. For applications where high-temperature resistance is important, an HT (high-temperature) grade is available.

oil and grease resistant paper has all the qualities needed for a smooth and continuous production of paper bags – it is easy to processreliably glueable and suitable for flexographic and offset printing.

greaseproof paper is a white, wood-free, machine-finished (MF) paper available in grammages from 28 to 70 gsm (20 to 43 lbs., 24×36-500). The paper is supplied in reels slit to your desired size.