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Good Opportunity For The Food Packaging Paper Industry
Mar 26, 2018

In the new century, with the increasing number of international fast-food chains such as KFC, McDonald's, and Deckers, these international catering companies have continued the foreign requirements for the safety, hygiene and other functional requirements of food packaging papers. The food packaging base paper industry chain was gradually introduced into China and became a domestic food packaging base paper application demonstration enterprise. Some international papermaking companies, such as Burrows, Oji, Stora Enso, etc., entered the Chinese market through exports or the establishment of production departments in China. At this stage, the domestic food packaging base paper market is mainly limited to KFC, McDonald's and other demonstration enterprises, and the supply side is also mainly occupied by foreign companies.


In recent years, a small number of domestic private enterprises represented by the company have gradually accumulated management and production experience and improved their equipment and R&D level through long-term efforts in the industry. They have expanded their product areas to the mid to high-end food packaging paper market and become KFC, The main material suppliers of some food packaging base paper varieties, such as food grade white cattle paper, greaseproof paper and food grade white cardboard, such as McDonald's and Dicos. With the continuous expansion of domestic food catering, especially fast food, West Point and other markets, leading domestic companies are expected to further expand market space and continue to promote localization alternatives, becoming a leading company with strong competitiveness.