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Empty Food Bags Can Effectively Prevent The Food Compression Broken Deformation!
Aug 09, 2017

There are many foods that must be packed in vacuum bags. Such as crispy fragile food, easy to agglomerate food, easy to deformation of oil products, sharp edges and corners or higher hardness will puncture the vacuum food bags of food. After the food is vacuum-filled, the inflatable pressure in the bag is greater than the atmospheric pressure outside the bag, which can effectively prevent the food from crushing and deformation, and does not affect the appearance and printing decoration of the bag. Inflate the vacuum bag in a vacuum and then filled with nitrogen, carbon dioxide, oxygen single gas or 2-3 kinds of gas mixture. Where nitrogen is an inert gas, from the filling effect, so that the bag to maintain a positive pressure to prevent the bag outside the air into the bag, the food play a protective role. Carbon monoxide can be dissolved in various types of fat or water, the formation of acid weak carbonic acid, inhibit the mold, bacteria and other microbial activity of corruption. Oxygen has the effect of inhibiting the growth and reproduction of anaerobic bacteria, keeping the freshness and color of fruits and vegetables, and the high concentration of oxygen can keep the fresh meat fresh.