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Jul 19, 2018

Butcher paper is now used in many places beyond the butcher shop. Its moisture resistant properties offer versatile uses for restaurants, delis, grocery stores, and even schools. Also known as deli paper or butcher block paper, butcher paper is inexpensive, very sturdy and comes in rolls and sheets that are ready to use. Butcher paper can also be custom color printed with a restaurant, deli, food brand or grocer’s logo or other special artwork.


Butcher Paper is the highest grade of premium White Butcher Paper on the market today. Manufactured, this versatile sheet makes fresh food look even better and helps enhance food safety and handling. It’s proven to provide superior blood, oil and stain holdout. 

Custom color flexo graphic printing is also a great option to enhance your butcher paper. Your logo or other brand images can be printed in up to three colors to put your name right in the hands of your customers.  

Our butcher paper is 100% FDA Approved.