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Baking Paper Use
Oct 11, 2017

Baking paper is made of pure wood pulp made of natural environmental food , it has anti-stick coating on both sides, the average temperature can be as high as 230 ℃ / 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Because it has a good anti-stick oil and oil properties and high temperature characteristics, easy to use, by the rest of the world's baking people are widely welcomed. The use of baking paper baked food beautiful and fresh, and no-clean baking pan, so that more efficient and efficient batch operation, greatly improving the competitiveness of food companies. At the same time this paper is not only used for the baking industry, because of its good performance, almost all of the food cooking process may be used to.

* Pad paper for cake dishes
Used to steam bread, buns and the like. You can cut into small pieces of food size, can also be cut into a large size of the steamer, evenly cut a few holes on the paper.
* Used to isolate frozen food from the fridge. Use this paper wrapped in frozen food, into the refrigerator can be, neither string taste, while the paper will not stick in the food, very convenient.
Used to grill food. In the pan pan frying pan pad a piece of paper to prevent food coke paste adhesive equipment.
DIY do food paper bag for food