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What Is The Difference Between Baking Paper, Tin Paper And Oil Paper? Where Are They Used
Sep 01, 2017

Baking paper, tin paper can be high temperature, and oil paper is not high temperature.

Three different uses:

Baking paper are used for baking machine baked biscuits, puffs and the like, under the pad; oil paper is mainly to play the top cover, so squeeze the bag; tin foil is mainly used in hot dishes, baked when the food to avoid color, use.

Tin foil

The thermal conductivity of the foil is very good and has a sealing property. Bake some of the formula of meat or vegetables, wrapped with tin foil ingredients, can be a good lock of water, so that the food presents a fresh taste. Baking biscuits or bread, you can also use foil to prevent adhesion. In the baked meat when we can also pad the pad at the bottom of the pad to undertake grease, easy to clean up the pan.

Oil paper

Oil paper is a silicified high temperature baking paper. Bake the biscuits when the pad on the baking tray to prevent the biscuit adhesion, a small amount of overflow of grease, stick to the baking pan is also better to clean. A piece of oil paper can be used repeatedly 2,3 times, if the oil paper discoloration or stick a lot of residue, it should be replaced. If you buy the cake mold, Tusi box anti-sticking effect is relatively poor, stripping inconvenient, you can cut the appropriate size of oil paper, pad in the mold inside to facilitate the finished product stripping. In addition, the production of buns, steamed bread and other Chinese dim sum, you can also use oil paper pad steamer, the same anti-stick effect.

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