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Absorbing Paper Sheets For Cooking
Jun 05, 2018

           Absorbing Paper Sheets For Cooking

The biggest feature of absorbent functional paper is its strong ability to absorb water and oil. It can hold 10 times the weight of the material itself and is safe, harmless. There is a significant difference between the water absorption capacity and the water retention capacity of the absorbent functional paper and the non-woven fabric, the absorbent functional paper is obviously excellent. This is because the absorbent paper not only retains moisture in the pores between the fibers of the raw material, but also the fibers themselves absorb water. The absorbent paper becomes very soft after absorbing water.   


Due to the above characteristics, the water absorbing functional paper can be used as a sheet for absorbing the water and oil inside foods such as ham and sausage, also for fresh food drips, cosmetics and sanitary materials.

absorbing paper 3.jpgoil absorbing paper.jpg