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Hamburger Printed Greaseproof Paper

Hamburger Printed Greaseproof Paper

Product description : Fulton Subway burger patty paper is made from imported 100% virgin wood pulp, it has good air permeability and greaseproof ability. Idea for wrapping oily food and fast-lunch food. The manufacturing process confirms to international standard strictly. And 1~6 printing color...

Product description:

Through years of experience we have learnt what our customers require and their expectations on quality and have striven to meet their needs. Just like our greaseproof paper even our printed greaseproof paper is certified by FDA, so our customers can be rest assured that we only provide food safe paper. We are one of the leading printed greaseproof paper suppliers in China.

We offer both standard as well as customized greaseproof paper and we receive plenty of wholesale orders from restaurants and all types of food vendors across the world. There are many food vendors who pack their food in ordinary paper without taking the trouble of checking the cost of tailor made printed greaseproof paper. In fact, they fear that custom printed wrapping paper may be way too expensive for them.

The point is that they never realize that if they want their customer to have a great customized experience they must take that one extra step. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every time someone takes a bite of burger or sandwich they are reminded of your brand? Little things like customizing with printed greaseproof paper will go a long way in building your business brand. Our printed greaseproof paper will ensure that your business is never dull.




Greaseproof and 180℃/356F heat-resistance


Printed (1-6 colors)


Sheet 40*60cm 


The gram, size can all be customized


What's the paper used for?

Greaseproof paper is wrapping hamburger or oily food and fast food .


1. Kit7 level greaseproof effect

2. Can stand 180 Celsius degree for about 30 minutes.

3. Best wrapper for oily food like fried chicken, hamburger butter and so on.


Common Quality Packaging:


1) 500pcs packed by kraft paper, 4 packs/carton

2) 500pcs packed by corrugated box, then do a pallet


Our Advantages:

Our special machinery can do small print runs too. This implies that our clients don’t have to stock large quantities of printed greaseproof paper. They can have all the benefits at affordable prices. Irrespective of whether our customer owns a chain of restaurants across the country or just one small fast food unit, we are here to assist them by offering the customized look that they require for costs that seem sensible.

The point is we have been in the paper converting business for over 30 thriving years, so we know we can help make that difference in your business.

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