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Fulton Cheese Yellow Fat Wrapping Paper

Fulton Cheese Yellow Fat Wrapping Paper

Product description : Fulton white greaseproof wrapping paper is ideal for lining and wrapping both hot or cold foods, providing a barrier to moisture and grease. Reduce waste by conveniently cutting the paper to the size you need. Greaseproof paper Greaseproof paper is made of 100% virgin wood...


Greaseproof paper

Ideal for dairy and food wrapping, Fluton cheese paper protects from light, oxygen, water, vapor and impurities. This wood pulp is pure, hygienic and acts as a natural barrier to grease, even when wet. It’s suitable for direct food contact and ensures that no loose fibers stick to the product. It's the ideal substrate for wrapping yellow fats and packaging greasy, sticky or wet products.

FeaturesGreaseproof and 180℃/356F heat-resistance
ColorWhite or Brown ( Bleached or unbleached)
Spec.roll, sheet
OEM The gram, size can all be customized

Product Usage:

1. Wrap for butter, fat and margarine;

2. Wrap for fish and meat;

3. Packaging for frozen foods;

4. Interleaves for fruit roll sweets.


Common Quality Packaging:

Standard packaging1 roll pack in a color box, then 24 rolls per carton
Simple packaging50sheets in a opp bag, then 48bags per carton

Our Advantages:

1. Natural grease barrier with no chemical additives;

2. Water resistant;

3. Resistant to high temperatures;

4. 100% virgin cellulose;

5. Biodegradable;

6. Clean surface with no loose fibers;

7. Safe for direct food contact.



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