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Super Calandering Glassine Paper

Super Calandering Glassine Paper

Product description : Fulton white glassine wrapping paper roll is made of 100% wood pulp .a super calendered paper. It is semi-transparency, oil&moisture resistant and non-absorbent for food wrapping, which is normally used to wrap food, sweet, pharmaceutical and making cake cup. With FDA...

Product description:

Fulton glassine paper looks like a hybrid between a wax paper and a tissue paper. When buying glassine, make sure to see that it is pH neutral, otherwise there is a possibility of the old photos getting damaged due to acid migration. It is not recommended to use Galssine in photographs. It is typically used to protect pastel paintings, stamps. A chreper alternative to using glassine paper between pastel paintings is to use glossy magazine pages as they don't lift the painting. As they are static free they don't attract any paint.



Customized 28-60 gsm


Greaseproof, Heat-resistan and moisture proof






The grammage, size can all be customized

What's the paper used for?

Glassine paepr usually made through the process called calendering. Glassine is made by breaking down paper pulp fibers. This beaten pulp is then squeezed into molds and set to dry into sheets. These sheets are then rolled through hot rollers. This is calendering. Calendering makes the pulp fibers in the sheet lie flat and in the same direction. This process makes the fibers very smooth and all facing the same direction. This process is then repeated seveal time, often called super-calandering. This is because it goes tough the calendering process multiple times. The final product is a extreamly smoothpaper which can be used as barrier protection from many kinds of gease, air, and liquids.

Common Quality Packaging:

Standard packaging

1 roll pack in a color box, then 24 rolls per carton

Simple packaging

1 roll pack in OPP bag , then 24 rolls per carton


Our Advantages:

1. Professional, specialized paper factory only for food service industry, over 11 years

2. Strict quality control, from paper manufacturing to printing, slitting, rewinding to packing

3.Quality guaranteed, supplier of KFC, Woolworths, Metro, Wilton, Jana etc.

4. Foods safety, FDA, Kosher, SGS FSC BRC certified

5. Paper tailored as per customers' requirements

6. Offering free samples

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