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Taffy Twisting Wax Paper

Taffy Twisting Wax Paper

Product description : Fulton wax candy wrappers is a reusable food grade wax-coated roll for wrapping taffy caramels or other soft candy. An excellent choice for delis, sandwich shops, butchers, and candy shops, this paper is perfect for wrapping up foods for storage in a refrigerator, lining...

Product description:

  • 100 Sheets of Twisting Wax Paper

  • 4.5" by 5.5" Sheets

  • Color: Opaque

  • Ideal for Twisting around Taffy, Chocolates, Caramels and Hard Candies

  • Gives your Homemade Candies a Professional Look

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Waterproof ,Greaseproof and 60℃/140F heat resistance




Use soybean ink for print, 1-6 colors printed


Small roll 85mm*1500m


The gram size and printing pattern can all be customized

What's the paper used for?

From wrapping chocolate tablets and crimped cups for bouchées, to cushion pads or sachets for filled chocolates, our papers make chocolate irresistible.


Common Quality Packaging:


1 roll pack in a color box, then 3 rolls per carton


Question: Are they Clear wrappers?

Answer: They are white frosted looking waxed papers. Held the twist well, good size but no, not clear. 

Question: So do you actually still need to cut these in smaller pieces? They seem big for wrapping caramels.

Answer: They are fine as they need a generous twist at both ends 

Question: What kind of wax are these wrappers made with? Parafin?

Answer: Paraffin, But ask the maker to be sure Wax is paraffin. Moisture proof. 

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